Beer Here! A straightforward attempt at APIs and React.js

Beer Here! A streamlined straight forward attempt at React and APIs.

Beer Here started out with a simple question.

Is it possible to look up breweries without using Google or Yelp?

From that question, I built out a straightforward app that can look up breweries in popular cities (circa 2018) or in any city that anyone wants to check for breweries. If you ever wanted to access a quick list of breweries in a particular city, this independent app is available for you!

The core of the app (where the app sources all of its information) is the OpenBrewery DB API. The most integral feature of the app is the display that conveys the name and city of those breweries and provides a link to their website and their phone number (if available), so users can explore more about those breweries.

The most difficult part of the project was figuring out where to set up the useState and the useEffect, wrapping my brain around and how states were passed down in the props. This problem kept popping it’s ugly little face every so often along with another problem. The other problem I kept running into was that I tried to modularize mode in nonfunctioning ways. I kept writing out functions that would be called inside other functions that kept on breaking. Modularizing code for the sake of modularizing code, that was, in retrospect, pride conflicting against the priority that working code should be first and foremost.

However, after getting confused and stuck at various stages, by a variety of problems, the first time that the results from the city search actually showed up, I was thrilled by the sight.

So to answer my earlier question, yes, you can look up breweries without Google or Yelp, but with some asterisks on the side.

The asterisk is that, in terms of planning, I worked primarily within my expectations of my limitations, and was able to finish the project with enough time to set up mobile styling to have a presentable product. While it helped me finish my product within deadlines, by restricting my imagination to simply what I thought I could do, my app left me feeling like I had a lackluster product.

The asterisk to my earlier asterisk is to simply add more functionality. I would like to incorporate the GPS functionality and create a way for users to get directions to any specific brewery that they picked in the future.

If you like to take a look at the app in action, here’s a link below.

Here’s a link to the Open Brewery DB API that I used for this project.

They’re a friendly and knowledgeable bunch, so send them some love!

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