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Fight Game started in an unusual place, emotionally.

You see, I’ve been playing around with the concept of this game for three months now, brushing off the dust and cooking up ideas to stick onto it every so often. …

Back at the start of 2020, a series of personal events drove me into a career change into coding. But let me set up the scene.

You see, when I first started at my last company, back in November of 2018, the entire department took a Christmas photograph together.


Coding can bring you happiness.

That’s what all the coding success stories we’ve heard said, anyway.

We’ve all heard them before, in one form or another, passed along from friend to friend or as casual stories shared at water coolers about so-and-so who was working a dead-end job but starting…

Beer Here! A streamlined straight forward attempt at React and APIs.

Beer Here started out with a simple question.

Is it possible to look up breweries without using Google or Yelp?

From that question, I built out a straightforward app that can look up breweries in popular cities (circa 2018) or in any city that anyone wants to check for breweries…

Josh Kim

Software Engineer

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